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Curing and Healing with Yoga

Radhika Khanna, fashion designer 
and author of Pose
I just heard that Lady GaGa may be suffering from the debilitating autoimmune condition, lupus.  This is very sad news...although I won't miss her music.

I then heard from a new friend, Radhika Khanna (she tweeted me and the rest is history) who sent her lupus packing with a daily yoga practice—to say this in a somber medical tone, "her lupus is in remission" which is pretty amazing and very inspiring!   Lady GaGa needs to hook up with Radhika.

After Radhika started following me on twitter, naturally I stalked her before I "followed" her back.  And the more I read, the more I love her.  Not only has she sent her lupus into remission (a full-time mission in and of itself), but she's written & illustrated a useful yoga book for busy people called Pose: Yoga for Ambitious People.  She's also a successful fashion designer.

Excerpted from the Huffington Post: "Beginning with a 10- to 12-minute long set of exercises first thing in the morning, Khanna prescribes a series of three- to five-minute exercises that enhance one's sense of well-being using terms that are immediately understandable and readily applicable. She clearly

and concisely explains the benefits of different postures and breathing exercises that create a better balance of energy. Each heading is helpfully illustrated and illuminated with quotes from inspirational practitioners like Dr. Deepak Chopra who Khanna looks to as a spiritual guide."

Radhika's book is available on Amazon.